Fight backs. Light slaps. London Rules. Week 2…

50020379Week 2 in the Premier League saw Manchester United fight back to their winning ways, Rodallega get a light slap from Vidic…and Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal prove that London really does rule.

Before we talk about some of the action, did anyone notice the lack of crowds at some of the games? When Manchester United travel, they usually put bums on seats for the home team but there were a lot of empty seats at Wigan. I was surprised. Same at Birmingham and Sunderland. Is this still an issue of the economy? Are clubs charging too much money for tickets? Are fans picking and choosing their games more carefully? Does the availability of games on TV affect attendances?

Manchester United sent a message to the football universe that they are back and ready to defend their title. Wigan gave it a good go and for a while it looked as though they could score. But once Rooney nailed the first goal, it was curtains for Wigan. Rooney is a top quality player that United and England need fit. This could be a gigantic year for him. Could it also be a big year for Michael Owen? He finally netted his first Premier League goal for the Red Devils! Perhaps now the media can stop talking and writing about it. Let’s hope he scores a ton. Would you like to see Owen do well? By the way, should Vidic have been red carded for the slap on Rodders?

Tottenham didn’t look as sharp against West ham, but they still won. It was a better game from Lennon and another good performance in midfield from Palacios and Huddlestone. The Spurs defense looked shaky at times against West Ham. If it wasn’t for Carlton Cole’s awful back pass to Defoe, the Hammers could have stolen a point from this game. Shame for Cole as he scored a beauty in front of Capello to put West Ham 1-0 up. If Cole has a good season, he could be a surprise pick for the World Cup. Do you think he stands a chance of making Capello’s squad?

Chelsea looked solid. Full of quality. Boundless confidence. Very scary. They are in it to win it. Lampard is their talisman. He deserves more respect. He is a very special player. I think most fans would want a Frank Lampard in their team. Wouldn’t you?

Arsenal look really good. Portsmouth game them a few scares here and there but nothing too threatening. Almunia was at fault for Portsmouth’s goal. Diaby looked like Viera on Saturday. If only he could play like that every week. Fabregas masterminded the midfield until he had to go off with an injury. Let’s hope he doesn’t miss the big match against Manchester United. Does anyone else just love Eduardo? His first touch is exquisite. His attitude is amazing. Arshavin needs to start warming up and Gallas and Vermaelen are forging quite the team.

Manchester City win again. Adebayor scores for the second week in a row. Do you think City can get a 3rd victory on the trot? Will Lescott make a difference when he signs from Everton?

We all complimented Burnley on their great victory against United. This week they beat Everton at home. This team is out to prove they belong with the big boys in the Premier League. Keep it up Hull. Er sorry. I mean Burnley.

How are you enjoying the season so far? Have you been to any games? What did you make of week 2?

4 thoughts on “Fight backs. Light slaps. London Rules. Week 2…”

  1. London certainly does rule thus far. How I would love the London battle come end of the season if spurs, arsenal and chelsea are still up there of course.

    Loads of goals again this weekend and finally Manchester Utd showed us why they were champions. I think Owen is totally over rated, and although he did score I am one that will like to see Owen crash and burn. I mean how long before hes injured? People are talking about Owen and Rooney up front for England in World Cup 2010…erm has no one been watching the real England striker perform and already has 4 goals? Defoe and Rooney will make a great combo and could be unstoppable. OWEN? come on let get real.

    Spurs werent at their best but still won. I will not count my chickens but Spurs look hot. Cole for England? I think not. Apart from the goal what did he actually do?

    Another good performance from Arsenal. Fabregas might be injured for the Man U game this will be a huge blow for Arsenal fans. I think he brings confidence and how will the Arsenal team cope without him.

    Burnley are still going down. I cant believe how badly Everton have started.

    I need more of this season..its very traumatic for me being a Spurs fan…I mean we are actually winning!

  2. Think about it…this time last season they were rooted to the bottom of the table with many many problems. Fast forward a year and you are sitting proudly at the top of the table with so much potential and a glimmer of hope for a victorious season. Soak it up while it lasts. You never know what’s around the corner. This is the Premier League after all…

    Do you guys think Everton will be okay or are you worried for them? Are they going to have a Tottenham circa 2008/09 season?? I believe Moyes will pull it together and with the departure of Lescott, things should start running smoothly again. That must have been a huge distraction.

  3. I wont say I’m not scared for Everton. Us spurs fans last year thought there could be a possiblity of going down…I mean look at Newcastle. Does Everton face the same fate?…I can see it happening. The only thing that might come good for Lverpool fans this season is seeing Everton go down.

    I am soaking it up…dont you worry Soccer Diva..just dont want to get too excited, just yet…we shall see after 18 games if Spurs are still sitting pretty at the top then I will buy the blow up premier league cup and put the blue and white ribbons on it lol

  4. That’s the key at this juncture of the season. Manage your expectations. We all know things could be very different come December!

    Everton definitely have issues this sesaon, but I can’t see them going down like Newcastle. They have a strong infrastructure at the club and a solid manager at the helm. The likes of Portsmouth, Wolves and Birmingham will go down before Everton do. Never say never, but I just can’t see that happening.

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