It’s a crying shame…

johnterry6aJohn Terry has the world at his feet but continues to screw up. His rap sheet over the years is nothing short of grotesque. It’s a crying shame the captain of England and Chelsea behaves badly and actually gets away with it. If he were the bloke down the street, we’d be yelling out “scum bag.”

Today’s revelations about his affair with former teammate Wayne Bridge’s ex-girlfriend – model Vanessa Perroncel – and his attempt to cover it up has angered many. Vanessa Perroncel who has a child with Bridge is supposedly one of Toni Poole’s best friends. Toni Poole is Terry’s childhood sweetheart. They have three-year old twins together. The man has a family. He is captain of England and Chelsea. What do his actions say about his character? There is a disturbing trend to John Terry’s behaviour.

Does a man who urinates in a beer glass at a night club bar warrant to be England captain? Does a man who secretly arranges behind-the-scenes tours of Stamford Bridge and receives 10k a pop for doing it deserve to be England captain? Does a man who’s mother and mother-in-law shoplift deserve to be England captain? Does a man whose father sells drugs deserve to be England captain? Does a man who has an affair with his ex-teammate’s girlfriend deserve to be England captain? I think not.

To be honest, it’s shocking that John Terry is still captain of England and Chelsea. After he was exposed by the News of the World selling “tours” of Stamford Bridge, I was convinced he would be stripped of the skipper’s armband for both club and country. How can you respect John Terry after seeing him on video telling an undercover reporter to keep things “hush, hush” because it would reflect badly on him if he were to be discovered. Were Chelsea Football Club not offended by that? Is this the type of man Fabio Capello wants to lead his men into battle against the rest of the world at the World Cup? Unbelievable!

John Terry isn’t the only player in the modern game who has “classless spoiled brat” written all over him. So many young professionals these days are given way too much, way too soon and they abuse the power they have without remorse. Gone are the days where they had to clean boots, toilets and scrub floors. Gone are the days where they were made to do things so they would understand and appreciate the value of being a professional footballer. John Terry did work hard as an apprentice, but he has obviously forgotten where he came from. He has become so arrogant, he thinks playing in the Premier League or any league for that matter is a right. You are wrong John Terry. It’s a privilege.

If I were a budding footballer, I would look to the likes of Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Paolo Maldini for my inspiration. John Terry is watched by kids week in, week out. They admire him and look up to him like a hero. To think this man could lift the World Cup for England is quite sickening to be honest. When Sir Bobby Moore lifted the World Cup for England people watched with pride. A gentlemen of English football was representing his country and the nation couldn’t have admired him and the team more. How can we sit in front of our flat screen TV’s or watch from the stands and think the same of John Terry?

I understand that everyone has a right to their privacy. What goes on behind closed doors is not really our business. But when we pay good money to watch the likes of John Terry play football and when he puts on that armband for club and country, he represents more than himself. His behaviour is beyond shameful and no different to a football hooligan. He has publicly disgraced himself numerous times. I think fans deserve a little better than that from their captain. More than that, so does his wife and childhood sweetheart Toni. So do his three-year-old twins. And so did his teammate Wayne Bridge. How can any of his fellow professionals trust him?

Don’t shed a tear for John Terry. He doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself…

3 thoughts on “It’s a crying shame…”

  1. Beckham for captain if he wasnt sitting on the bench. He never should have lost the captains armband in the first place. But ill go with Gerrad I know he hasnt really lead Liverpool this year but hey. Why not?

    John Terry always made me feel sick and now I feel even more sick. If england win the world cup I do not want to see John Terry lift the cup for England. 30 years of hurt and then John Terry lifts the world cup????? ER i dont think so.

    Carlo should also be thinking of stripping him of the Chelsea captaincy too. I want to see Terry crash and burn!


  2. I really do think it will be a crying shame if John Terry remains as captain of England. Stuart Pearce backed him yesterday and his quote just sickened me. He said in footballing terms he’s a great captain both on and off the pitch. He might be on it but he’s certainly not on it! What an idiot.

    If we don’t make John Terry accountable for what he’s done not only to his team mate but for the mistakes he has made over and over again, then what will constitute or warrant him ever losing the captain’s arm band? He will just think he can get away with it again and again.

    Beckham was a captain players and fans looked up to. He was a beacon for the team across the world. People loved him and respected him. Steve IDIOT McClaren made a huge mistake over Beckham. He so wasn’t finished at the time and could have led the team onwards. Now he can’t be captain like you say as he will be coming off the bench.
    But we need someone of Becks calibre to take over. The question is, who has those qualities?

    For me right now it’s between Lampard and Rooney. They’ve both had a pretty clean record for years now. They are both recognized world wide as class players. Gerrard for me has been given a chance and I just was never impressed with him as England captain. Gareth Barry could be an interesting option.

    The most important thing is how will this affect our chances at the World Cup? After a flawless qualifying campaign and the best build up to a tournament ever for England, the one person you need most, the leader you look to has let everyone down.

    Harry Redknapp is one of the only top managers who has come out and said footballers are role models whether they like it or not. He had the balls to say what he felt. If it were down to ‘Arry, he’d sack John. Perhaps Fabio should call round for a cup of tea to ‘Arry’s place before making his final decision.

  3. Beckham would be the ideal choice as he has bags of experience and is respected by his fellow professionals. But you are both right that he won’t start.

    I wouldn’t give it to Gareth Barry as he isn’t captain for his club and honestly he is not as big as the other candidates.

    Your choices are Rio, Terry, Lampard, Gerrard or Rooney.

    No matter who gets it, they have all done something in their careers which isn’t particularly “Role Model” standard. Missing a piss test, so everyone assumes you took drugs. Punching someone out. Sleeping with a prostitute. Sleeping with another woman.

    Out of all that i would go with Rio if he can stay fit and in form.

    Harry Redknapp has been saying it all season about the Spurs team, that they booze it up. Why booze during the season, wait til the end of the season and if you win something go and celebrate, not during where you harm all the training and work been put in.

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