Don’t pop the champagne cork just yet…

John_Terry_and_Fran_924814aJohn Terry was very quick to goad his rivals following a famous victory for Chelsea over Manchester United at the weekend. The England captain was feeling pretty confident after the Blues win and so he sent a cocky “catch us if you can” taunt to his favourite Premier League foes.

Don’t you think it’s a bit early to be riling up the likes of Arsenal and even Manchester United, despite the fact you did just beat the latter? Let’s not forget how well Aston Villa are doing too and how Manchester City and Tottenham are still sniffing around like they want to steal something. I mean you are only 5 points clear at the top, Arsenal do have a game in hand and it’s only November! Settle down now Mr.Chelsea.

The fact people get so excited about the league being won in November is laughable. There is so much more football to be played and anything can happen. Just ask Liverpool if they thought their season would end up like it has over the last few weeks. Teams can suffer major injury setbacks and as we’ve already seen this season, unpredictable results are more than possible.

I admire the purpose behind John Terry’s message. I hear the spirit and gamesmanship in his voice. But as players, managers, chief executives and fans have learned over the years, don’t get ahead of the next game. Don’t start disrespecting your opponents too much. And don’t think about the victory parade when there is still everything to play for.┬áThere’s no doubt Chelsea are the team to beat. But we have a long and arduous season still ahead.

Ancelotti certainly has Chelsea moving in the right direction and with their transfer ban being lifted just last week, they now have the ability to strengthen their team in January, which a few weeks and months ago was looking highly unlikely. A potentially stronger Chelsea after the painful Christmas fixture list is definitely a scary prospect for the rest of the league. But let’s rewind very quickly to just a few weeks ago when Chelsea had lost 3-1 to Wigan and everyone was asking “what’s wrong with Chelsea?” It’s a funny old game is football, so don’t go popping the champagne cork just yet…

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  1. I completly agree with you here. I MEAN ITS NOVEMEBER..there are still so many more upsets to Man U losing to Hull or Chelsea losing to Portsmouth. It could happen. BUT us fans love to banter and place the odd bet on who we think will win even though it is soooo soon. But hey thus is football.

    Chelsea should not count their chickens too soon, and as much as this is going to pain me to say, but Arsenal are looking good and are sniffing around the no.1 spot and if it goes to who plays better I will pick Arsenal. Can anyone beat Arsenal at the emirates? Maybe if Fabregas and Van persie are injured?

    Lets not forget ye ‘old Man U. I mean they always come and snatch it at the end like all their goals they score. Can they do it again? I wouldnt bet against Alex would you?
    ………………………………………The team who can be more consistant will win the title.

    Would love to see Spurs clinch it right at the end and then I will travel to white Hart Lane to celebrate with a dirty burger, Holsten beer(for old times sake) and cuddle a stranger. o sorry…day dreaming!

    All I know is that it is great to see the London teams in the top 4 at the moment.

  2. LMAO about the dirty burger and hugging a stranger. It’s so true. We’d never hug a stranger on the street, even if they were wearing a Tottenham, Arsenal or Chelsea scarf!!! But once you are in the stadium, all hugging bets are off. Hug away people. A goal a day keeps the hug police away….

    You are right Lady Yid. We all run our mouths off and make predictions early on. Hell we did it on BSD after the first game of the season. But when players start to plan the victory parade, well that’s where us fans get a little sensitive, especially when it’s not our team! Mr.Chelsea seems to have got his confidence back again after missing that penalty in Moscow…It’s taken him quite a while to recover from that incident and the bravado is back. Not sure how I feel about him being England captain. That’s a whole other story…

    The key to Chelsea winning out would be to defeat all top 4 teams, plus City and Spurs. Now they’ve already beaten Man U, Liverpool and Spurs. Will they get the better of Arsenal? And something tells me they’ll lose against City in Manchester. Plus there has to be one more shocking defeat against an Everton or a Sunderland. Not sure if Portsmouth can do it Lady Yid!!!!

  3. I got a feeling Arsenal will beat Chelsea.

    …lets not get me started if England win the World Cup 2010 and John Terry lifting the world cup…Surely he needs to make way for Beckham….. but this is another story.

  4. There is a long way to go before the title is decided and many teams want to have their say along the way.

    Chelsea undeniably look very strong and are full of confidence and have a great team bond.

    Man United don’t really look the same without Ronaldo, but are still picking up results. They played well at the Bridge without Rio and Vidic. Chelsea couldn’t really break them down.

    Arsenal are smashing through teams, and are hitting some real form.

    It is an interesting contest between the three.

    As for Spurs, we have no chance, we have been battered by the three teams above us in the league. We just need to keep beating all the other teams and keep lurking at the top.

  5. What’s stopping Spurs from taking the next step? Is the the inconsistent defense and too many players swapping in and out? One week it’s King, the next it’s Woodgate, then Corluka, then Bale, then Hutton…to much shuffling at the back?

    Do you think things would have been different if Modric, Lennon and Defoe played against Arsenal? Has that affected the belief in breaking into the title race?

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