Deals, deals and more deals…

The January transfer market can be as exciting as it is annoying for some clubs. In the middle of the season, transfers can cause unrest and can lead to disastrous results.

Teams can lose their best players, and before you know it, the season is over. However, teams can also buy great players and see their season end in a winning fashion. Either way, people either love or hate this time of year.

The January transfer window hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, but the last few days can always prove to be a shocker. And there is a story brewing that is making all the headlines. Fernando Torres is being hunted by Chelsea. Surely Liverpool don’t want to sell him, do they?

With Argentine strike Luis Suarez on his way to Anfield from Ajax, this could well be the time where the scouse house finally part ways with the Spanish superstar. Suarez impressed at the World Cup for Argentina and could be a perfect replacement for Torres.

Torres could use a fresh start. He has been ravaged by injuries the last couple of seasons and we haven’t seen the best of him. He is however finding some form of late and could join Chelsea at the perfect time. But should Torres leave?

In other transfer happenings…Edin Dzeko’s move from German club Wolfsburg to Manchester City is at present the most expensive transfer in this January window. I always thought he was a quality player who could do some serious damage in the Premier League. But did he join the right club?

Other transfers that made headlines include Emmanuel Adebayor to Real Madrid from Manchester City on loan, but do we care?

Darren Bent seems to get more expensive as he moves from club to club. Aston Villa paid Sunderland 18 million pounds with the transfer fee rising to 24 million. Is he worth it?

Ryan Babel finally ended his Liverpool nightmare and darted off to Hoffenheim for 6 million. That’s a good move for him and he needed to get out. Should another Premier League team have picked him up?

England has beens David Bentley and Wayne Bridge went on loan deals. Bentley left Tottenham for Birmingham and Bridge left Manchester City for West Ham. Can these players resurrect their careers with these latest moves?

We are heading towards the most exciting part of the season fellow footie fans and it’s all leading to a massive crescendo. Take a deep breath. Oh and by the way, the Diva is back…

4 thoughts on “Deals, deals and more deals…”

  1. I would like to start by correcting you on Luis Suarez’s nationality, he is from Uruguay and not Argentina.

    This transfer window has shown a lot. Chelsea were faltering a little so they spent 50million on Torres and 26 million on David Luiz strengthen up front and at the back, and most importantly strengthened the squad. They are definitely back in the running.

    Liverpool Signed two forwards in Andy Carroll(overpriced) and Suarez(Uruguay)and lost one forward and still tried to sign Adam. They have too strengthened their squad.

    City spend millions again and sign Dzeko.

    Aston Villa spend and sign Bent, as they need to climb the table.

    Chelsea sign players to make sure they stay in the top four and in the title race as they have had an indifferent season. Liverpool sign players to try get back in the top four. Man City sign players to maintain their push for top four and to stay in the title race.

    the only two teams in my opinion that didn’t need to sign anyone was Manchester Utd and Arsenal, and guess what? they didn’t. and that is because they occupy 1st and 2nd in the league.

    Tottenham Hotspur. Signed Pienaar at a bargain price. We desperately needed to sign a striker as our combined total of league goals is 5 between them, and we are supposedly “challenging” for the title, when really we should be aiming for top four.

    Defoe, is he really better than Darren Bent? Bent has outscored him in the league at least the last 3 seasons.
    Crouch, can he really change the game for us? Has done very little since the beginning of the season.
    Pavlyuchenko, has he been given a fair chance? I think he should start more especially with the others off form.

    I cant see us taking a place of any of the current top four placed teams, and on top of that with Liverppol’s change in results and new signings I cant see Tottenham Hotspur finishing higher than 6th or 7th.

    To make things worse Kaboul surgery out for 6 weeks, Ledley King surgery finished, Dawson Suspended, Modric surgery out for three weeks, Bale back out for two weeks, Palacios 50-50 might be forced to play. A squad that was boasted as one of the best in the country, is now looking thin.

    One signing could have made a huge difference, not just becuase you bring in a quality player, but the confidence it gives the team, and the fans get behind you even more, the belief it gives you to succeed. Look at what the Torres signing will do for Chelsea. Likewise the two signing for Liverpool, Carroll and Suarez.

  2. Thank you for the correction. I was just excited to get back writing here again and these South Americans morph into each other at some point! Lol 😉

    You make some great points. Chelsea have been lifted by the Torres signing. What price for him scoring a couple against his old side this weekend?

    Liverpool still have question marks but I feel Daglish wants to get some English grit back into the scouse house. Andy Carroll is an investment in their future as he is still so young and could well be like Alan Shearer in a couple of years. They have a long way to go though. Even Steven Gerrard is getting stale there now too. He’s been poor over the last couple of seasons and could probably use a change himself! Not sold on Liverpool until they buy more players.

    Tottenham have one thing to learn about competing for the Premier League let alone winning the whole thing. Pace yourselves. They came out of the gates flying this season and were undoubtedly the most exciting team to watch. But one thing I always thought was can they sustain this type of play throughout the entire season, especially with the Champions League added to their plate. I couldn’t agree with you more about the striker position. You are missing a prolific hitman and Bent has definitely proved to be that over the last couple of seasons. Pavlyuchenko to me seems like he could be the guy, but for some reason Harry is not convinced. Who would you like to see banging in the goals at the Lane?

    Manchester United and Arsenal have the experience. Granted Arsenal have fallen short but they know what it takes to be in position to try and win it around this time of year. Now over the last few seasons, it’s around the end of February they usually fall apart…but this season seems a little different. They’ve made it to a final (even though it’s a cup Arsenal fans frowned upon years ago, they are bloody happy to be there now)! And Chelsea…NEVER RULE OUT CHELSEA…it’s not over until the fat lady sings!

  3. Torres “The Traitor” going to Chelsea isn’t really working out yet. Of course, I was hoping for a Babe Ruth-like curse on the Bastards in Blue (I have no clue what their real nickname is, but I’m American and that’s what I call them), but that hasn’t exactly materialized yet either.

    By the way, what happened with the rumored Beckham to Tottenham thing? I remember he worked out with the Spurs but that was about it.

  4. The Beckham deal fell through. But look out for a potential move this summer. He always said he could never play for another Premier League team, but Tottenham could lure him. HIs grandfather was a huge Tottenham fan and Beckham has always loved that. Plus a move back to London with another baby? Closer to family? Who knows as he does love the lifestyle in the States.

    Chelsea’s nickname is The Blues. Not very sexy huh? They’ve also been called The Pensioners. Not sure why. Bit of an oxymoron Chelsea and Pensioners…

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