Channel Your Inner Footydamus…

What does your crystal football say about the forthcoming Premier League season? Who do you see standing at the peak of the mountain? Who will be raising something heavy, silver and shiny above their head?

Will Manchester City do it all again? Or will their arch nemesis Manchester United reclaim their crown as Kings of England? Can Arsenal really challenge for top spot? Will Chelsea and their new crop of stars take the league by storm? Can Andre Villas Boas and Tottenham Hotspur surprise everyone by winning it all? Do Newcastle United have any hope of repeating their wonderful form from last season? And will Brendan Rodgers tiki-taka revolution at Liverpool be tikitastic?

The battle for supremacy begins tomorrow. The joy. The tears. The elation. The sorrow. We kick every ball. Let the mayhem begin.

Channel your inner Footydamus. I’ve looked deep into my soul and have come up with these monumental choices.

1. Manchester United
2. Chelsea
3. Manchester City
4. Arsenal
5. Tottenham Hotspur
6. Newcastle United
7. Liverpool
18. Q.P.R.
19. Reading
20. Southampton

Pick your top 7 and your bottom 3. Who will be crowned King or Queen of the British Soccer Diva prediction competition? Bragging rights are up for grabs. Who knows…it could well be you!

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