TRUE_BLUE_____Emman_848719aIt looks like Arsenal fans have been given something to shout about this summer…they’re finally shot of Emmanuel Adebayor!

The love-hate relationship is over. Adebayor’s taunts about leaving have to be heard no more. And surprisingly, he didn’t end up at his “dream club” AC Milan. Adebayor signed-up for the Manchester City revolution and a whopping salary of 130,000 pounds a week. So much for wanting to play Champions League football and joining an elite European club.

BaldrefwithRedCardDear Arsenal Board,

We hope you are having a sizzling summer season so far. Manchester City and Real Madrid sure are! They’ve both created some gigantic waves across the whole of Europe this summer and boy are they having a blast! Even Manchester United have had a little dive in the deep end of the transfer pool. Chelsea and Liverpool haven’t been splashing around as much because they don’t need to get that wet. And you Arsenal…well once again you insist on plodding around in the baby transfer pool while every other major European team continues to swim in the big pool with the big boys. Why?

Join_us_280x390_845842aHere it is. The picture Manchester United fans didn’t want to see. Former United heroes Mark Hughes and Carlos Tevez proudly show-off the blue shirt of Manchester City to celebrate Tevez joining the team. If I were a United fan I’d be gutted. It would feel like someone just stabbed me in the heart. Of all the teams in all the land, did Tevez have to join City! What a dagger!

nutshell400There are some crazy transfer stories out there right now. It’s been an interesting summer so far and there’s still time for a few more headlines to be written…

John Terry moving to Manchester City from Chelsea? I’ll believe that when I see it. And Cesc Fabregas is being hunted like a wolf again by Barcelona. Don’t think that will happen this season, but it could definitely happen next! Here is some solid transfer news…

oldtrafford_468x596Why is everyone turning down the chance to sign for Manchester United? Why don’t players want to play at the Theater of Dreams? What is wrong with everyone people?

Benzema admitted today he chose Real Madrid over Manchester United. Ronaldo didn’t want to stay a second longer in the North of England. And Franck Ribery is hellbent on joining Real Madrid over United too. I get it, and I just don’t get it all at the same time. The last time I looked, Manchester United were the team with the stable manager and the countless Premier League titles, F.A. Cup and Champions League wins over the last few years.

01_ron_280x390_840216aCristiano Ronaldo was officially introduced as a Real Madrid player. He will wear the #9 shirt once worn by Ronaldo the Original from Brazil. At some point I’m sure he’ll inherit the #7 shirt from Raul, the current legend and Prince of Real Madrid. With Raul’s career in it’s twilight, could Ronaldo be the heir apparent? Or will it be Kaka?

Ronaldo had more than double the crowd Kaka pulled in at his press conference. 80,000 fans showed up to welcome the world’s most expensive footballer. You could see how stoked they were to finally have their man at the Bernabeu. Sure they were also happy to welcome Kaka, but the fans have made it very clear who they see as their next Prince.

Michael_Owen_280x39_840301aDo you remember how shocking it was when you realized Bruce Willis’ character  in the Sixth Sense was actually one of those dead people the kid kept saying he was seeing? Well shoot the shrink people! We’re not even halfway through the summer transfer season and we already have a shock-of-a-transfer story that could rival the shocking twist of the Sixth Sense.

Michael Owen has been signed by Manchester United. Let me just writepeat that…Michael Owen has been signed by Manchester United. Who wasn’t shocked beyond belief when they heard the news? I was shell-shocked. Anyone who says they saw this coming is a complete and utter liar.

kaka_682x400_836081aReal Madrid finally unveiled one of their summer signings this week. Dressed in the famous Real Madrid white, Kaka looked like he was about to walk down the aisle with some 50,000 eager fans! Let’s hope his marriage with the Spanish giants is a happy one.

At AC Milan Kaka was the leading man. At Real Madrid, he will be one of several big names. Zidane, Beckham, Carlos and Ronaldo the Original were able to play in a team of superstars at Real Madrid. Will Raul, Ronaldo #2, Van Nistleroy, Ramos and Kaka live happily ever after in the fairy tale being crafted and written by El Presidente Florentino Perez? This man is determined to build a new era of Galacticos. Except this time he wants them to win like Barcelona!

johnson_280x390_489834aLiverpool jumped into the transfer hot tub and closed the deal for Glen Johnson. They had to fend-off the advances of Chelsea and Manchester City , but eventually they got their man for 17 million pounds. Johnson will now need to find ways to spend his whooping 80,000 squids a week. Be sure to save a little a month Glen. You never know what can happen!

This is a superb deal for Johnson. Even Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez admitted they paid over the odds for him. Only a couple of seasons ago he was banished to the Stamford Bridge sidelines by then coach, Jose Mourinho. And, after that dreadful period at Chelsea, he moved to Portsmouth where he rebuilt his reputation as one of the Premier League’s most talented right backs. 

picsrvmcfccoukThe new Chelski are starting to dig deep in their pockets of infinity. Manchester City have splashed 18 million pounds on Roque Santa Cruz. The ex-Blackburn striker put pen to paper for his old boss Mark Hughes and so the long arse chase for his signature ends. Thank God. 

I like Roque Santa Cruz. He is a good player. He has lots of quality and strength. He is a solid signing for Manchester City.

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