A Conversation With…Phil Schoen

Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson have thrilled U.S. audiences with their La Liga commentary for many years. As a team, they have been prolific in their art and undoubtedly have become the voices of La Liga Stateside. Whether you are being dazzled by the brilliance of Barcelona or wooed by the tenacity and strength of Real Madrid, Phil and Ray paint a picture so beautiful, you wished every single game lasted longer than 90 minutes plus injury time!

In A Conversation With Phil Schoen, we talk about the current financial state of La Liga and also discuss the emergence of Jordi Alba, the talent of the Spanish national team, Ronaldo, Messi, Tito Vilanova and we even manage to squeeze in a little Guti and Ibracadabra. Phil also comes with some exciting news about where his voice will be heard next season! Grab a sangria and enjoy the conversation.

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