A Conversation With…Michelle Lissel

Football in the United States continues to grow. Last year MLS had the best attendance records, more investment is being made into soccer specific stadiums and TV viewing figures were also up. The game is attracting high profile players and despite the fact most of these players are coming here in the twilight of their career, it’s definitely paved the way for great marketing, promotions and sponsorship opportunities. The next steps would be to bring a player in who is still in the absolute prime of his career, and many believe that’s coming.

Michelle Lissel is in the living room of North American football fans every single night as she brings the top stories and news of the day on Fox Soccer Report. She joins me on A Conversation With to chat about the game from an American and Canadian perspective. From the summer tours, to the MLS All-Stars v Chelsea, player salaries, DP’s and dodgy refereeing decisions, we align the football universe in our conversation. There’s even time to talk Clint Dempsey to Liverpool and how this would potentially help the game in the United States. Put your feet up and enjoy!

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