Soccerdiva Soundbite…Christie Rampone

Footballer. Mother. Captain fantastic. A legend in the making. The ultimate leader. The USWNT has performed heroics in many games and Christie Rampone has experienced the highs and lows having been part of this team for many years.

Rampone has won at every single level. An Olympic gold medalist and World Cup Winner, Christie is a true inspiration and one of the best captain’s the USWNT has seen. It was wonderful to spend a few minutes with her during training camp and tomorrow she and her team have the opportunity to redeem the loss to Japan in last summer’s World Cup.

Prepare for more drama. This is the USWNT!

3 thoughts on “Soccerdiva Soundbite…Christie Rampone”

  1. I remember her when she was still Christie Pearce in the 1999 team. Since then the USWNT has continued to be inspirational. The best game I’ve ever seen despite the controversial indirect free-kick. Clearly the referee warned McLeod the Canadian goalkeeper and the penalty given was a clear penalty. Canada gave everything but fell short. Now the USWNT has to make it count by winning gold against Japan! I can’t take another heartbreak like the World Cup last summer. GO GO USA!!!

  2. She was an absolute pleasure to talk to. It’s incredible how long she has been playing and the fact she’s started a family in between too. Can’t wait for the game today! By the way Tiger, shouldn’t you be playing in the PGA today instead of posting on my blog? LOL!

  3. thanks for always responding to our posts so quickly. makes us want to listen to your work even more BSD.

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